When you’ve been on a few sunday rides or youth hostel weekends you’ll probably want to try a full tour. Cycle tours offer exciting, action-packed holidays where the emphasis is on cycling, enjoyment of the countryside & good, healthy fun. You’ll carry everything with you, and there’ll be no car support, giving you the fun and adventure of independence coupled with complete freedom to enjoy lanes and tracks in a new area.
  • Usually two tours every year, during the Easter and Summer holidays
  • Easter tours are usually four days and fairly inexpensive, making them ideal as a first tour.
  • Summer tours can be similar or longer (anything up to 12 days) depending on the wishes of our members at the time.
  • Can be to anywhere in the UK or abroad. Popular tours in the past have visited Cornish Coast, Scottish Highlands and Islands, Norfolk, Suffolk and the Fens, Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, New Forest and Isle of Wight, North Somerset and North Devon, Wales, the Cotswolds and Norway
  • Full details of tours, including costs, itinerary, list of things to bring and official booking forms, are published on our Upcoming Events page and in our Facebook group as soon as tours are planned
  • Tours must be booked in advance. It’s better to book early to be sure of your place. Ask for the tour details near Christmas if you can, then book as soon as you’re sure you want to come.