Socials usually take place on Friday evenings and usually start at the Crofters clubroom. We offer a variety of activities depending on what our members like, but popular socials are listed below.
Clubroom Socials
Games evening
Free format offering a range of computer and board games. Drinks and snacks are available from the club shop at discounted prices.
Music Quiz
Teams compete to identify songs, movie themes or games themes.
Give us a Clue
Team members take it in turns to mime the name of a film, tv programme, pop song or book to the rest of their team-mates. Points are awarded to each team, and there is a prize for the winners at the end of the evening. Suitable for all ages – great fun!
Video evening
Popular blu-ray movie shown at Crofters with surround sound.
Tour preview
Video presentation of previous tours, often similar to upcoming tour to help youngsters decide whether they want to book.
Activity socials. Prices include transport from Buckfastleigh
Badminton, squash or tennis
Usually at Ashmoor leisure centre, Ashburton, but sometimes at Paignton, Ivybridge or Newton Abbot.
Ten-pin bowling
Usually at TenPin, Plymouth. Price includes transport from Buckfastleigh.
Usually at TenPin, Plymouth.
Cinema trip
Usually at Vue, Plymouth. Start and finish times will vary depending on the film. Advance booking usually needed.
A trip to an indoor pool, usually at Torquay. Depends on availability of public swimming sessions on a Friday evening.