Every CTC section caters for different types of cyclists. Torbay CTC caters for adults and teenagers, although accompanying parents are always welcome.
Certain features make the section especially suitable for youngsters:
  • Rides tend to be in the range easy to moderate, and are adjusted to suit the ability of those taking part.
  • No adult-only pursuits (such as pub visits) on any of our activities
  • Special supervision of younger riders, especially on junior rides
  • Help with road safety and repair knowledge
  • Low-cost cycling weekends and holidays
  • High-tech computer games available as part of the social programme
  • Computer games and refreshments usually available after the ride or if weather is bad, offering parents a guaranteed finish time regardless of the weather. Closing times are currently 3.30pm for morning rides, 6pm for afternoon rides and 10.15pm for evening rides.
All youngsters who wish to take part in the rides without their parents must complete a parental consent form once per year.