Sunday 20 June 1982
Day ride: Mardon Down (SX 770878)
11 present: Andrew Billington (19, Bovey Tracey), Colin Downie, Antony House, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Neil Pena, Kevin Presland, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson, Philip Wrigley
Preparations continue on Mardon Down for Ken's Cycle Games
Exeter and Torbay Sections meet up for lunch on Mardon Down while Ken Strong positions his strange "Quarrantine Flags"
Iris Strong peforms strongly in the games
Let the games .. Begin! Torbay Section members are slightly outnumbered by Exeter
Kevin Presland, doing his best for Torbay, with the two Michaels waiting their turn behind
The games continue
Kevin and Michael Ward trying to ride with a balloon for Torbay
And now to the joint run of 20th June, when our all day turnout dropped to its lowest for many months – just five of us, and that included a new member, Andrew Billington from Bovey Tracey. By way of compensation, however, we had several out for parts of the day, increasing our overall figure to ten at the Bovey Tracey pick-up. Pete and Jean Luxton joined us from Exeter for the steep ride up to Poolmill Cross and past the reservoirs to Hingston where we came across a multitude of cyclists blocking the highway – none other than the Exeter A-Section of course. As we waited, more and more of them came up the hill past Cossick, including a certain young gentleman in green called Nigel Wilson who had ridden up to Exeter in time for the 10.00 start. Oh well, I suppose that made eleven of us during the day!

When Ken appeared he had numerous objects attached to his cycle by various methods, some of which we recognised as sticks, but others which remained mysterious until we had ridden the short distance to Mardon Down and completed our lunch. The funny red, white and blue things turned out to be flags, and these were positioned in a deliberate pattern all around us which did nothing to enlighten us except to give us the impression that we were being quarantined!

When preparations were complete it transpired that a competition had been arranged between Exeter and Torbay which involved, amongst other things, bursting balloons with sticks and hunting for milk bottle tops in the bracken – all on bikes of course! I felt a little sad that more of us hadn’t turned out, especially when we lost to Exeter 1-5! Still, all had a very enjoyable afternoon in pleasant weather – even Neil, when he managed to pull himself away from his portable CB set.

We wandered back to Blackingstone Rock for a bit of rock climbing before descending to the reservoirs again, this time in force. The time for the parting of the ways had finally arrived, and when the final period of laziness had been shaken off we rolled down the hill towards home, stopping at Bovey for a cup of tea. I’ll never forget Michael’s look of embarrassment as he came running out of the gents: much to the amazement of the gentlemen standing next to him, strange sounds had emanated from the closed door behind … “Ten four, Ten four, give me a copy ..”.

(Michael Jones)

[1 point: Mark Morton, Nigel Wilson, Frances Lofty]
[2 points: Antony House, Colin Downie, Philip Wrigley]

Saturday 26 June 1982
Social: Social Evening at Redmount
6 present: Frank Boyes, Stephen Downer, Michael Jones, Jackie Lofty, Kevin Presland, Mark Richardson
Just before the final ride of the month we had a social evening at Redmount, which was enjoyed by some twenty three section members. It was quite an event, with Jackie just back from University, Frank out from Marldon, sixteen of the seventeen August tour people present, Mark Richardson and Steven from Totnes and several others. We saw a few slides, played some games, listened to records and generally enjoyed ourselves until the refreshments were served. Many thanks to all those who helped with the food, and also to my over-tolerant parents without whose help there would have been no social.

We’re thinking about running a clubroom every month during the winter period, probably at Maypool youth hostel on Wednesday evenings. If you’re interested, please let me know.

(Michael Jones)

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

Sunday 27 June 1982
Day ride: Wistman's Wood
17 present: Andrew Billington, Stephen Downer, Michael Jones, Justin Landen, Ian Lee (Junior, Kingskerswell), Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, Jason Parnell, John Pope, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Mark Richardson, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Philip Wrigley
Justin and Jason find a friendly Dartmoor Pony on the way up Dartmeet Hill
Starting the long climb up Dartmeet Hill from Badger's Holt
Dartmeet Hill: The Summit
The group at the top of Dartmeet Hill
View back down Dartmeet Hill from the top
View back down Dartmeet Hill from the top
We didn’t make the destination next day, but we had a very successful day nevertheless. It started to rain just after ten o’clock and by the time the Marldon, Totnes and Ilsington contingents had arrived at the Buckfastleigh pick-up it had developed into a rapid sequence of heavy showers. There were no less than seventeen of us sheltering under those flimsy branches, a clear sign that exams were finished at last, and after twenty five minutes it was obvious that something would have to be done. Someone suggested that my place was quite nearby. Someone else recalled the large room and the lovely hot drinks they’d had there the previous night. To conclude the conspiracy someone else commented on how wet it was, and before long everyone was settled down at Redmount for the morning – very convenient for some!

Coffee was drunk and it was still raining. Mum and Dad came back with visions of the traditionally peaceful Sunday lunchtime and were greeted with a pile of bikes outside the back door where the car should have gone! It was not until records had been played and packed lunches consumed that the weather improved, and then the difficulty was to prize Jackie and Frances out of their comfy chairs and away from the pile of records they had chosen for the afternoon.

The sun had come out when we finally got on the road, so we made our way up through Buckfastleigh to Holne and Hexworthy before diverting from our proposed destination of Wistman’s Wood. Instead of turning left for Two Bridges we dropped down to Dartmeet and again ate ice-creams in the sun, the last thing we would have anticipated doing earlier in the day.

Once we had climbed up the hill to Sherberton Common it was easy going through Poundsgate and New Bridge, where John Pope, Kevin and Andrew Billington left us to ride home. The rest left me at Buckfastleigh, just as some heavy drizzle was settling in for the evening, but we’d had a good day so it didn’t bother us much. I hope Ian Lee, from Kingskerswell, enjoyed his first ride, and that we will see more of both him and Andrew during the summer months.

To end on a sadder note, I have to report that on the following day Stephen Downer was taken to hospital after his front forks broke near Paignton Zoo. His bike was almost written off and Steven was needless-to-say in rather a poor state. We all send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope that it will not be too long before he is back with us again.

(Michael Jones)

Wednesday 30 June 1982
Evening ride: Decided on the Day
8 present: Colin Brierly, Jeremy Cox (Junior, Marldon), Stephen Davey, Dave Eyre, Colin Glanville (Junior, North Whilborough), Michael Jones, Sue Shepley, Mike Ward
Wednesday evening rides in June have had an average attendance of seven over the month, the best turn-out being on 30th June. This was partly due to the conclusion of exam season and partly due to the presence of two new members, Jeremy Cox from Marldon and Colin Glanville from North Whilborough. Jeremy is a friend of Stephen Davey, who joined us on 9 June through Steven Downer, and Colin goes to school with Simon Haly. Just to add to the confusion, when Colin was about to set off to Marldon garage to get a bulb for his front light, Jeremy informed us that his father owned the garage, so they all set off together to sort out that particular problem. Regular evening riders are Dave Eyre, Sue Shepley and Michael Ward amongst others.

(Michael Jones)

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

Sunday 4 July 1982
Day ride: Cullever Steps
8 present: Colin Brierly, Douglas Brownjohn (Junior, Totnes), Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, John Pope, Kevin Presland, Mike Ward
Mark gets close to a dunking at Cullever Steps
The alternative hard ride was to Cullever Steps near Okehampton. Nine people met at Bickington, including Douglas Brownjohn of Totnes, out for his first ride. He certainly showed how fit he was considering the distance we covered during the day – we hope he enjoyed his taste of club cycling and that we will see more of him.

From Bickington we climbed up onto Haytor where we fought against a headwind past Haytor Rocks and around to Hound Tor. I decided that Colin would make a good windbreak, but try as I might I could not keep up with him! A brisk pace was set to get as far as possible before lunch, but our stomachs finally forced us to stop after climbing out of Chagford (and it certainly was up). The morning’s clouds had cleared and we enjoyed a peaceful, well-earned break.

We got to Cullever Steps in the afternoon, sampling some excellent Rough Stuff on the way. The water looked invitingly cool, except perhaps to Mark who was nearly forced in head first - no we didn’t quite let him fall!

Retracing our path for a while we then took the main road to Moretonhamptstead, where we stopped for coffee, and then continued to Bovey Tracey. Picnic teas were eaten at Stover Lake – a pleasant spot and well worth a visit. The sight of a mass of black clouds heading our way hastened our departure and we made our separate ways home.

(Frances Lofty)

Sunday 4 July 1982
Afternoon ride: Dartington Hall
10 present: Frank Boyes, Jeremy Cox, Stephen Davey, Dave Eyre, Michael Jones, Glenn Powling, Richard Read, Michael Roberts, Matthew Tewson, Philip Wrigley
The Afternoon Run on 4 July was attended by nine members, the other half of the Section being on the hard ride. We took the main road to Totnes and then cycled through Dartington College grounds – a haven compared with the noise of the holiday traffic around Paignton. A quick check of the map and we were exploring some little used lanes around Lownard and Rattery. The gears on my new bike were causing a little difficulty for me, and steep hills looming up out of nowhere didn’t help matters. People can be cruel – my so-called “friends” couldn’t stop laughing!

Anyway, Matthew and Richard wanted to go for an extended ride over the moors that evening, so we split near Rattery, Frank leading the younger riders home through Dartington whilst Dave, Michael and myself escorted our young explorers to Buckfastleigh. I went as far as New Bridge with them before turning home for tea, and was honoured with their company again later on at Redmount for refreshments before the “long journey home”.

(Michael Jones)

Sunday 11 July 1982
Day ride: Bolberry Down
18 present: Douglas Brownjohn, Jeremy Cox, Colin Downie, Ellen Goddard (Junior, Devon), Jeremy Goddard (Junior, Devon), Robert Goddard (Junior, Devon), Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Kim Marshall, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Unknown Rider 1, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Philip Wrigley
Bolberry Down from West Cliff
Fabulous coastal views from West Cliff to Bolberry Down and Slippery Point
St Clements Church, Hope Cove
Broad Stone, Slippery Point and Bolberry Down
St Clements Church, Hope Cove
The ride to Bolberry Down was well attended – perhaps the nice weather brought people out. Unfortunately, however, it did not stay quite so nice all day. Ellen and Jeremy Goddard were out for their first ride, and Robert Goddard joined us later in the day. It is nice to have so many cyclists from the same family, and we hope they will come again.

The usual route was taken through Harbertonford and Moreleigh, and we then made our way through Loddiswell, Churchstow and Malborough. We reached Bolberry Down as the clouds began to darken, but luckily the showers held off until after we had eaten. A suitable spot was found some way along the coastal path to eat our lunch. We had a breath-taking view of the coastline and the sea – how lucky we are that the National Trust buys up such land for all to enjoy.

After lunch we dropped down into the village of Hope, where Matthew and Jeremy sampled the delights of cycling on wet sand while the rest of us used the road over the mountain! We took a more devious route homewards via Aveton Gifford, California Cross and Avonwick. The Goddards seemed to be having a spell of bad luck on this particular occasion: Jeremy had come off on a sharp bend in the morning and was luckily unscathed, Robert fell off whilst looking down at his chain and was then ridden over by Ellen, and finally at the end of the ride, Ellen had a near miss when her chain locked in the back spokes! Let us hope they have not been discouraged – let’s face it, things can only get better!

(Michael Jones)

[Attendance verified]
[2 points: Douglas Brownjohn, Colin Downie, Robert Goddard, Philip Wrigley]
[Rider 1 was a member of Bristol DA who was staying at Noss Mayo]

Wednesday 14 July 1982
Evening ride: Decided on the Day
0 present:
July turned out to be a good month for Torbay Section, with exams completed and the summer sun high in the sky. Seven new riders joined the ranks, and attendances averages ten on evening rides and over eighteen on day rides. The evening ride on 14 July had the best turn-out with twelve members gathering at Five Lanes, Marldon, including ten-year-old Matthew Burrows from Babbacombe. He did very well for his first ride, but I think he was grateful that we took the run in the Torbay direction. It has been nice to see Jeremy Cox and Stephen Davey out with us so often – Jeremy didn’t miss a ride for several weeks after he joined us at the end of June, and that’s keen!

(Michael Jones)

Sunday 18 July 1982
Day ride: Christow Common
23 present: Matthew Bailey (Junior, Devon), Andrew Billington, Colin Brierly, Matthew Burrows (10, Torquay), Jeremy Cox, Stephen Downer, Dave Eyre, Simon Haly, Antony House, Michael Jones, Ian Lee, Frances Lofty, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Mark Richardson, Duncan Scott (14, Devon), Mark Sheppard, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson, Nigel Wilson, Andrew Winstanley, Philip Wrigley
Andrew Billington meditates over lunch in a field on Christow Common
Twenty people met at Bovey Tracey for the ride to Christow Common – the best turn-out this month. In fact there would have been twenty three if Dave Eyre had not turned back from Compton with puncture trouble, and Matthew Burrows and Colin had not turned back from Bovey. Duncan Scott and Matthew Bailey were out for their first ride – the Torbay Section is certainly expanding!

Kevin led the way out of Bovey and up via Five Lanes to Hennock. We took a scenic route past the reservoirs and then climbed up the hill to Christow Common. After tackling a stile and numerous brambles we reached a field where it was decided to eat lunch. As some sat enjoying the scenery whilst others preferred the view of the hedge further down the field, the clouds cleared and the sun shone. Lunchtime entertainment was provided by Matthew doing forward somersaults on his bike – very amusing if you happened to be looking the right way at the right time.

The beautiful weather stayed with us for the rest of the day. Kevin’s map reading sent us rather astray, but nobody seemed to mind when we in the end reached Moretonhampstead instead of Steps Bridge.

After ice-creams we took the usual road down to Bovey Tracey where we separated to make our own ways home. A fantastic ride in beautiful weather which gave us the opportunity to sample some typical Dartmoor hills and scenery.

(Michael Jones)

[Attendance verified]
[1 point: Colin Brierly, Matthew Burrows, Dave Eyre]
[2 points: Antony House, Nigel Wilson, Philip Wrigley]
[3 points: eveyone else]

Sunday 25 July 1982
Day ride: Crow Tor
17 present: Colin Brierly, Iris Buckler, Jeremy Cox, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Duncan Scott, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson, Andrew Winstanley, Philip Wrigley
Approaching Wistman's Wood, with Crow Tor on the horizon
Pushing the bikes along the footpath from Two Bridges towards Wistman's Wood, with Crow Tor beyond
The West Dart River, with the ancient Wistman's Wood beyond
Fun in the West Dart River below Wistman's Wood
Approaching Haytor Rocks on the way to Kevin's house in Ilsington
Fun in the West Dart
Swimming and tea at Silver Birches
Swimming in Kevin's pool at Silver Birches, Ilsington
Brilliant sunshine brought seventeen cyclists out to Buckfastleigh for the ride to Crow Tor. The sun shone all day and the temperatures were extremely high. We set off through Buckfast and made our way via a track to Holne. We then climbed up onto the moor past Venford Reservoir and on to Hexworthy. It was decided to push on to Two Bridges before we stopped for lunch. A suitable place was found on the path to Wistman’s Wood.

After lunch Colin left us and we proceeded to the Wood, where the majority of people went for a walk whilst the somewhat less energetic stayed by the bikes.

Sometime later, and after meeting a life member of the CTC out walking with his wife, we reached the main road to Postbridge. The road was busy with grockles and we were glad to turn off just after Postbridge, heading towards Widecombe. After stopping to quench thirsts and refill the water bottles we began the climb up past Bonehill Rocks – a better route than the busy main road even though it was decidedly steep. We finally reached the summit puffing and panting, but the thought of tea at Kevin’s house and a cool swim spurred us on.

We arrived at Silver Birches to find Don sunning himself on the grass, having already sampled the delights of the swimming pool before the crowds arrived. Thanks very much to Mr and Mrs Presland for a great tea and for the use of their swimming pool – it was very much appreciated by us all – and a special thanks to Tigger the kitten for entertainment provided!

As the sun dropped in the sky the temperature fell accordingly, and when Michael Ward finally got out of the pool we enjoyed a somewhat cooler ride home. A great ride to end another fantastic month of cycling.

(Frances Lofty)

[1 point: Don Hassall]
[2 points: Colin Brierly, Iris Buckler]
[3 points: Nigel Wilson, Philip Wrigley]
[4 points: everyone else]

Sunday 1 August 1982
Day ride: Morwellham Quay
3 present: Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland
This photo is probably lunch near Shaugh Prior. (Photo: Kevin Presland)
Being the first Sunday in the month meant that one of the hard rides took place on that day, this time to Morwellham Quay. There was nobody at Buckfastleigh so I continued out to Avonwick to find Frances, who had made her own way there and arrived half an hour early. Mark arrived fifteen minutes late after waiting for Frances in Totnes! Friendly words exchanged and we were ready to go – well, almost. No, not a puncture, a broken gear cable. Luckily the garage across the road had some pliers hanging around.

Finally we set off, with myself up front attempting to do some map reading. We took the dual carriageway to Ivybridge and then made our way to the Shaugh Prior area via Sparkwell, with only a couple of errors! After our half-hour lunch stop we continued to Morwellham via Yelverton and Denham Bridge.

At 3.00 we were sat in the café at the destination drinking tea, after deciding that the entrance fees were too much. We next found our way to Tavistock, and from there followed the Princetown signposts. We were rather surprised when, sometime later, we found ourselves at Horrabridge – the “yocals” found it most amusing. Oh well, what’s an eight mile detour!

Tea near Sampford Spiney, iced lollies at Princetown followed by a good ride to Buckfastleigh rounded off a great day. After stopping at Mike’s we didn’t get home until 10.00 that night.

(Kevin Presland)

Sunday 1 August 1982
Afternoon ride: Landscove
13 present: Frank Boyes, Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Dave Eyre, Michael Jones, Justin Landen, Jason Parnell, Kevin Philips, Glenn Powling, Nigel Presland (Junior, Ilsington), Duncan Scott, Sue Shepley, Paul Tiddy (Junior, Devon)
The Afternoon Run of August 1st was attended by twelve members, including Nigel Presland and Paul Tiddy on their first rides. We took the lanes through Woodland and Landscove, where Dartmoor and Torbay contingents separated to make their separate ways home. Paul appears to be very fit for his age and I am sure he will make a good addition to the Section, as of course will Kevin’s brother.

(Michael Jones)

Sunday 8 August 1982Day ride: Wonwell Beach
9 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Colin Downie, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, John Stuart, Paul Tiddy, Philip Wrigley
Nine cyclists appeared at Avonwick the following week, including Paul Tiddy on his first full-day run. Due to a typing error the run had not been published in the Highwayman, which might explain the relatively poor turn-out. Paul had been finding the ride a bit tough, so Colin and Jean took him on a shorter run to Shipley Bridge, leaving six of us to battle through the wind to Wonwell Beach. We stopped there for an hour and made our way home via California Cross and Avonwick to Marley Head for 3.00 – a bit early, but a nice change.

(Kevin Presland)

Wednesday 11 August 1982
Evening ride: Decided on the Day
3 present: Michael Jones, Ian Lee, Dominic Sanders (Junior, Devon)
Wednesday evening runs were quite popular again in August, with an average of ten on the rides. On 11th August we were joined by Dominic Sanders - a friend of Ian Lee, who is now a regular rider with the Section.

(Michael Jones)

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

Sunday 15 August 1982
Day ride: Posbury Clump
13 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, John Pope, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Duncan Scott, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Philip Wrigley
Richard Read enjoys the views from Posbury Clump
Mark M, Michael W, Frances, Kevin, John Pope and John Stuart in a field near Posbury Clump
Lunch near Posbury Clump
Chudleigh Bridge was the pick-up, Posbury Clump was the destination and August 15th was the date. The rain had cleared up overnight, it was 11.00 and we had to tackle that Teign Valley road again – the full length this time – followed by a couple of steep hills to Tedburn St Mary. We continued to Venny Tedburn and then took a track towards the clump, along which we stopped for a nice long lunch break.

The weather was beautiful – the first hot sun we had seen in days. We finished the track off and duly inspected the destination – more like a mini-jungle than a clump of Devonshire trees! We enjoyed a good drop to Yeoford where we were welcomed (or seen off) by two dogs. There then followed seven miles of uphill to Whiddon Down – into a headwind – followed by one of our favourite stretches of road to Bovey Tracey, only stopping for a very welcome cup of tea at our usual place. Glenn, who had not been feeling too well, arranged a lift home from Bovey; it’s certainly unusual for Glenn to be suffering. Never mind, a great day, with a total of thirteen on the run.

(Kevin Presland)

Wednesday 18 August 1982
Evening ride: Decided on the Day
5 present: Phil Burrows (Adult, Torquay), Michael Jones, Andrew Moreton (Junior, Torquay), John Pope, Stephen Young (Junior, Devon)
The following week, John Pope brought his friend Stephen Young along (oh no, not another Stephen!), who came out again on 25th. Also present on that ride were the father and friend of Matthew Burrows – Phil Burrows and Andrew Moreton, both from Torquay. It’s always nice to have family groups in the club, and this month seems to have been good for them.

(Michael Jones)

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

Sunday 22 August 1982
Day ride: Crazy Well Pool (SX 582704)
22 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Matthew Burrows, Phil Burrows, Simon Haly, Michael Jones, Justin Landen, Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, John Pope, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, John Roome (Junior, Ipplepen), Duncan Scott, Robert Spence, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Andrew Winstanley, Philip Wrigley
Lunch at Burrator Reservoir, opposite Burrator Lodge
John Stuart, Philip Wrigley and Rob Spence at Cornwood
Andrew Winstanley and John Roome explore the beach towards the eastern end of the reservoir
Lunch at Burrator: Frances, Kevin, Michael Ward, Mark Morton, Duncan Scott, John Roome, Rob Spence, Andrew Winstanley, John Pope & Phil Wrigley
Following the Devonport Leat, hopefully towards Crazy Well Pool
In search of Crazy Well Pool: Andrew Winstanley and Rob Spence near the track from Burrator to Princetown
Quite large for a pool!
The Pool at last
Crazy Well Pool
Walking the perimiter of Crazy Well Pool
One of Claud Warren’s suggestions was the destination on 22nd August – Crazy Well Pool. When we arrived at Avonwick we were surprised if not amazed to see Jackie. She had unexpectedly returned from University. Also at the pick-up was young John Roome of Ipplepen, a friend of Andrew Winstanley, making numbers up to thirteen. John used to live in Buckfastleigh, so Michael also knew him – small world!

When we reached Ivybridge, John Pope and I left the others to go to Cornwood to see a teacher we both knew. We took longer than intended, however, and by the time we caught up with the group they had stopped for lunch beside Burrator Reservoir, sheltering under the trees from the by now heavy showers.

We took the track towards Princetown and then did some hunting on foot for the pool itself. Goodness knows why it took us so long – it was the largest “pool” I have ever seen! We returned to the bikes and waited whilst Michael Ward tightened his cones with an assortment of spanners that had been dug out of various saddle bags. At last the job was done, but we still had to search through the undergrowth for one of his quick release springs before he could reassemble the machine. After several minutes of the whole group crawling around on hands and knees, the offending item was discovered – it was on the skewer!!!

Grey skies were still producing bad weather as we carried on along the muddy track to Princetown and back to Buckfastleigh via Hexworthy; I’m sure coaches aren’t allowed across Hexworthy Bridge, with its seven ton weight limit!

Tea was at Mike’s and very nice it was too. Our numbers had by this time increased to twenty one by several younger members who had accompanied Jean from Marldon. Thanks very much Mr and Mrs Jones.

Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Matthew Tewson, Richard Read, Simon Haly, Glenn Powling, Justin Landen, Matthew Burrows and Phil Burrows joined us for tea at Buckfastleigh.

(Kevin Presland)

[1 point: Colin Brierly, Matthew Tewson, Glenn Powling, Simon Haly, Richard Read, Jean Brierly, Phil Burrows, Matthew Burrows, Justin Landen]
[3 points: Phil Wrigley]
[4 points: everyone else]

Monday 23 August 1982Weekend ride: Camping Trip Day 1
6 present: Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, Matthew Tewson
Supper at the camp
Supper at the campsite, Higher Poole Farm, East Allington
Mark prepares to heat up our tinned .. Something!
Three tents, a quiet field and fabulous weather for our camping trip to East Allington
Matthew opens another tin while Mark deals with another
Mmmm .. Delicious!
More food is opened - we should have bought shares in Tyne Brand!
Food always tastes better when you have cooked it yourself
Mark, Matthew, Frances, Jackie and Kevin around the camp fire
Michael helps with the cooking. (Photo: Kevin Presland)
Nearly time for bed
Stories around the camp fire
On the Monday night, Torbay Section had its first camping session, with six of us going to Mike’s relative’s farm at East Allington. It was great, and we are just waiting for another chance (open to the whole Section next time).

(Kevin Presland)

Tuesday 24 August 1982Weekend ride: Camping Trip Day 2
6 present: Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, Matthew Tewson
The group at Harbertonford. (Photo: Kevin Presland)
Matthew rides the river at Harbertonford on the way home
On the way back to Harbertonford we managed to find out what the elusive “Fading Paintwork” signs in the hedge were referring to that had led us nowhere the previous day. After a pause for coffee we continued towards Totnes and home, finding a sea of barley on the road. Mike and I managed to carry eighteen pounds home with us for the poultry – what a shame our panniers were so full!

(Kevin Presland)

Saturday 28 August 1982
Tour: Snowdonia Day 1: Home to Plas Rhiwaedog YH (32 mi)Sunny and warm
17 present: Andrew Billington, Stephen Downer, Simon Haly, Michael Jones, Justin Landen, Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, Jason Parnell, John Pope, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Duncan Scott, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson, Andrew Winstanley
A short rest at the junction near Branas Lodge, Llandrillo, on our way to Llandderfel
The leading group at the junction near Branas Lodge, Llandrillo, 7 miles from the hostel
Torbay Section have for the past two years run special junior tours over the August Bank Holiday, and this year was no exception. There were one or two small changes – eight days instead of five, North Wales instead of South – but most importantly there were seventeen instead of ten. Just for the record, the other members of the group were Jason Parnell (11), Justin Landen (11), Glenn Powling (12), Simon Haly (12), Richard Read (13), Matthew Tewson (13), Andrew Winstanley (14), Stephen Downer (14), Duncan Scott (15), Mark Morton (16), Frances Lofty (17), Kevin Presland (17), John Pope (17), John Stuart (17), Jackie Lofty (19) and Andrew Billington (20). What a mob!

It’s a shame that the weather on Saturday 28 August didn’t hold out for the rest of the week! We were gathered at Paignton station at 7.30am, frantically writing out luggage labels for the bikes with the few pens available and looking quite a sight on the platform in all our gear. The station announcer called for all the cyclists to move to the front end of the platform as the train heaved alongside, and when all had been stowed away in the brake van and farewells had been said, slowly but surely we eased out onto the main line.

From our reserved carriage we had a grand view of the scenery as our great adventure began. By 12.23 we were at our first change point, with the knowledge that we may have to split into two trains from here to Shrewsbury. Well, when all the luggage had been removed we managed to pack fourteen bikes into the small van and then the guard put two more on top of the stack! As mine was the only remaining bike I was allowed to put it in the passenger compartment – by special concession.

Lunch at Shrewsbury was followed by a short journey to Chirk, where we were ejected as quickly as possible and left alone on the deserted country station. It was 3.10.

Naturally there were steps to encounter, but it wasn’t long before we were on our way through Llangollen towards Bala, wheels glinting in the sunlight. We took the lane route from Druid, which had more hills but made us all feel better. Mechanical troubles with Andrew W split us into two groups in an effort to get the younger members to the hostel by supper time (7pm) and a puncture split the lagging group again, the rest reuniting at Tyddyninco. We didn’t waste any time getting to Plas Rhiwaedog youth hostel, but we were still ten minutes late arriving, and by the time Kevin, Mark and Frances had arrived with a swarm of wasps hot on their tails (Kevin, you really must learn to leave things alone!) we had made a good start on the main course.

We spent a very pleasant night at the hostel, blissfully unaware that the next day would mark the beginning of our troubles.

Today's ride included a total climb of 345m.

(Michael Jones)

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