Sunday 3 January 1982
Afternoon ride: East OgwellCloudy start, rain later
23 present: Frank Boyes, Colin Brierly, Dave Eyre, Mark Filham, Paul Harman, Don Hassall, Grace Hassall, Michael Jones, Justin Landen, Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, Jason Parnell (12, Marldon), John Pope, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Sue Shepley, Jamie Spence, Robert Spence, Ruth Spence, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson
What a month for Torbay Section: Record-breaking turnouts, new faces and press coverage in three local papers. And all this in January, a traditionally quiet month. Well, well well, what HAS been happening?

It all started on the first Sunday of the year, which also being the first Sunday of the month was an Afternoon Run. The sky was somewhat cloudy and a little ominous, and so my surprise was doubly great as they all came streaming into Five Lanes at 2.15. Glenn and Justin, our 12-yeard-old Marldon contingent, came along with their friend Jason Parnell, out for his first ride. John pope rose from the dead after a break of well over a year. The Spence family were out in force – Jamie always comes when tea is at Colin’s house. When we were finally ready to leave we had 21 intrepid members – a record attendance – and a colourful sight we made as we set off through the lanes to Ipplepen.

By the time we had reached East Ogwell the showers had turned to heavy rain and tracks were made for home and tea as fast as possible via Kingskerswell and Compton. Two wet and bedraggled specimens decided to call in at Marldon to change into some drier clothes before dropping down to Colin’s, and I’m sure they enjoyed their evening all the more as a result. Thanks are due to Colin and Jean for the superb tea, and also for allowing the rabble to use their snooker table yet again.

(Michael Jones)

John Pope was out on his new bike. We left Colin's at 8pm and got back to our various homes by 10.30pm.

(Kevin Presland - diary extract)

[1 point: Don Hassall, Grace Hassall]
[2 points: Paul Harman, Ruth Spence, Glenn Powling]
[3 points: everyone else]

Sunday 10 January 1982
Day ride: CharletonSnow
0 present:
Snow and ice had made South Devon a very treacherous place today, and no-one ventured out.

(Michael Jones)

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

Sunday 17 January 1982
Day ride: Ten Commandments Stone
16 present: Colin Brierly, Iris Buckler, Colin Downie, Paul Harman, Michael Jones, Robert Leeke (14, Totnes), Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Jason Parnell, John Pope, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Robert Spence, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson, Andrew Winstanley
Jason shows superb accuracy against John Pope, who should really have been able to evade this particular snowball
A snowball fight after lunch in the field near the Ten Commandments Stone, not far from Cold East Cross
Jason Parnell and Glenn Powling on the Ten Commandments stone tablets at Buckland Beacon
Nigel, Glenn and Andrew battle against John Pope after lunch
The Buckland Beacon inscription stone, carved in 1935 for the silver jubilee
One of the two Ten Commandments tablets at Buckland Beacon
On a very misty 17th, sixteen members attended to inspect the markings on the Ten Commandments Stone near Buckland-in-the-Moor, including a new 14-year-old, Robert Leeke, from Totnes. Jason was also out again, accompanied by Glenn. Punctures at our Ashburton pickup delayed progress by half an hour, and the long climb towards Haytor made certain that lunch would be eaten before there was any thought of looking for the stone. We settled in a convenient field to enjoy lunch, which for me included turkey and snow sandwiches, fruit snow and snow coffee – you see there was a snowball fight going on all around me!

We trudged up the hill through the mist, trying to follow a rather indistinct path and the shouts of those ahead. Now, somewhere around here there should be a massive great hill; ah, there was a style, and .. yes .. there was Buckland Beacon, materialising out of the mist. Sure enough, the Ten Commandments Stone was there in all its glory. The stone-mason commissioned to do the job in 1926 had more or less lived there for several months, according to Claude Warren, and we could well believe it as we read the intricate laws of life carved into the huge stone tablets.

On the return journey, more snow found its way down my neck, placed there by a certain young gentleman who shall remain nameless, but rides a Falcon. Cold East Cross and Haytor took us temptingly close to Kevin’s house: the temptation proved irresistible and there were cups of tea all round before we set off down the hill to Drum Bridges and home – thanks Kevin!

(Michael Jones)

[1 point: Colin Downie]
[2 points: Iris Buckler]

Sunday 24 January 1982
Day ride: Glazebrook
12 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Iris Buckler, Colin Downer (14, Totnes), Paul Harman, Michael Jones, Robert Leeke, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, Mike Ward, Andrew Winstanley
Yet another foggy day on the 24th for our trip to Glazebrook. Twelve were out, including yet another new member, Colin Downer of Totnes who had come with Robert Leeke. Iris cheered us all up at Avonwick by breaking the news about Plymouth Section, and then we set off through the lanes to South Brent and Aish. Kevin, obviously engaged in a private battle with Mark, collected another puncture just before we reached our destination, but as there was no suitable place for lunch he had to push up the hill past Owley to the woods.

As we arrived, a group of horse riders were coming down off the moor, and with a sudden scream one of the girls was thrown off. She wasn’t hurt badly, however, and we were soon able to settle down for lunch. We then continued along the lanes to Bittaford and made our way home through the pretty North Huish, Diptford and Tigley areas.

(Michael Jones)

There was a social after the ride at Michael's house in Buckfastleigh, where we watched the movie Storm Boy and listened to Jean Michel Jarre.

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

Sunday 31 January 1982
Day ride: Kenn Valley
17 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Andrew Giles (16, Ideford), Don Hassall, Antony House, Michael Jones, Paul Kerr, Justin Landen, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Jason Parnell, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Robert Spence, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson, Andrew Winstanley
Andrew Winstanley takes centre stage near Wilsworthy Farm, Kenn, while Kevin's puncture is repaired
We met up with three members near the war memorial before Langdon Barton, Ashcombe. Left to right: Nigel, Andrew, Don, Jean, Colin, Rob, Mark, Mike, Frances, Kevin, Jason and Justin
Paul Kerr and the very strange road sign near Pridhams, Kenn
New member Andrew Giles watches the fun and games while Kevin's puncture is repaired near Wilsworthy Farm, Kenn
Things were a little more energetic the following week. Seventeen riders took part in all, including – wait for it – yet another new rider, 16-year-old Andrew Giles from Ideford Combe. The Marldon brigade were out in force this time, obviously keen to tackle the ride. We were also pleased to see Paul Kerr on the bike again, following a major overhaul (of the bike I mean). The weather was generally bright during the morning, and the countryside looked very attractive as we passed through Sandygate and Ideford to Luton. I’ll bet everyone was pleased that we didn’t have to climb that delightful hill called “Little Haldon” – if that’s little, I don’t fancy coming across any big ones!

Rixdale is, according to Colin, one of the easiest crossings over Haldon, and it certainly didn’t feel too bad as we descended the hairpins to Milton. Don, Michael and Frances were waiting for us just before Langdon and we had lunch near Gulliford on the wide grass verge. I still don’t know why I never get any peace at lunchtimes! And so via Black Forest Lodge to Kenton and, finally, to our destination – the Kenn Valley. Kevin chose the crossroads near Willsworthy to collect another puncture; when this had been fixed we continued towards Kenn beside the river Kenn.

On the way, Paul and I noticed a most peculiar sign – it was a red triangular one, like that used for roadworks, except that the silhouette was of a girl kicking a ball down a ramp! Perhaps the people of Kenn were warning us that the lady inhabitants are not to be tangled with!

Crossing the A38 at Kennford we continued along the valley through Clapham to Dunchideock, where time and tide told us that it was time to leave the river Kenn and make tracks for home – one day we’ll have to find the source, which isn’t far from Dunchideock.

The “tracks” towards Torbay which we made were not easy ones at first, involving a long climb up to Webberton Cross. Here, Justin had his first puncture (“I’ll never get a puncture..!”). When repairs has been effected we proceeded past Laurence Castle and then enjoyed the benefits of all that climbing as we dropped down through Trusham to the Teign Valley. Dartmoor and Torbay riders parted at Chudleigh Knighton. I understand that one or two young lads were beginning to feel just how many miles they had done that day as they cycled back to Marldon – well done, all of you.

(Michael Jones)

I missed the main bunch from Buckfastleigh at the Glendennings meeting point so had to chase on to the Newton Abbot pickup point to catch everyone up.

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

Sunday 7 February 1982
Afternoon ride: BroadhempstonRain
9 present: Colin Brierly, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Jason Parnell, Kevin Philips, Kevin Presland, John Stuart, Mike Ward
I’ve heard it many time before, but there seemed to be more justification than usual for “You must be mad to go out on a day like this”, because it had poured all morning and showed no real sign of stopping as time for the Afternoon Run start drew near. Quite a lot of other refugees from mental institutions at Five Lanes, however, when I arrived, and after a certain amount of delay deciding what to do, we headed towards Ipplepen as a fairly central dispersal point for Buckfast, Newton and Torbay.

A little more delay at Ipplepen with Kevin having added one more to his puncture score – or even, score of punctures – but we did decide that we would risk taking off our capes by the time he was mobile again. We continued out a mile or two beyond Broadhempston before looping back to Denbury and taking our diverse directions home.

(Colin Brierly)

Michael had received his new Mercian frame today.

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

Saturday 13 February 1982Weekend ride: Maypool YH Valentine Party Day 1
14 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Iris Buckler, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson, Philip Wrigley
The Common Room at Maypool youth hostel
Don, Matthew and Richard in the main hall at Maypool youth hostel
Fun and games in the main hall at Maypool, viewed from the balcony
Mike, Frances, Mark and Kevin in the common room at Maypool youth hostel
More games in the main hall at Maypool
Iris Buckler, Jean Luxton, Don Hassall and others relax in the main hall at Maypool
Phil Wrigley returning for another letter after posting one on the upper landing
Ken & Iris Strong give out letters to the three teams in our famous Crazy Post game
The winning team returns to base to claim their prize
People running in all directions during the Crazy Post game
Twenty five lads and lassies rode down to Maypool youth hostel on Saturday 13th February, using the coast route. Iris and I drove down later in the day to attend the St Valentines Party held at the hostel.

It’s a long time since we visited what I think is one of the nicest hostels in the region. I have very fond memories of weekends spent there with Cliff Charlton as master of ceremonies in similar games and fun back when we first joined the Bees. With this in mind I called on Cliff to see if he still had the crazy games he used to set up for us. We were in luck – he very kindly found them and brought them round for us to take. On opening the box we saw to our amazement score cards of Iris and Jean Brierly from way back in the early fifties.

There were a good crowd at the hostel, and I hope they enjoyed their evening’s happenings. We certainly enjoyed the warden’s food and hospitality. Please support them at Maypool as much as possible, as there is talk of having to close the hostel if it doesn’t get more usage this year.

(Ken Strong, Exeter A-Section)

Sunday 14 February 1982Weekend ride: Maypool YH Valentine Party Day 2Sunny
14 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Iris Buckler, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson, Philip Wrigley
Maypool youth hostel
View towards Dartmouth from Maypool youth hostel, Galmpton
After some great photos around the hostel on a fabulous sunny morning we headed up to Marldon to join the day ride to Whitestone.

Sunday 14 February 1982
Day ride: Whitestone (SX866936)Sunny
15 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Dave Eyre, Simon Haly, Paul Harman, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson
The morning after the very successful Maypool Party we had anticipated being joined by the Exeter Sections, but they decided that the combination of warm sun and seaside was too good to miss and headed back along the coast.

It takes a lot of initiative, or even original thinking, to manage to get lost between Kingsteignton and Chudleigh Bridge, but such a feat is not beyond the ability of some of the faster members of the Section. We had waited at Marldon for the folk who had stayed at Maypool overnight after the party, and by the time our wanderers had eventually got to Chudleigh Bridge, thoughts were of food in the fairly near future.

It must be said that on such a glorious day, waiting for folk was no hardship, and all that was needed for lunch was a peaceful place to sit in the sun. The top of Haldon seemed to offer plenty of possibilities, but a sunny bank just above Harcombe on our lane route proved too tempting to pass; although peace was not perfect, Jean and I were not too disturbed by the distant noise of clay pigeon shooting and the rather nearer noise of Michael being buried in bracken – with insects of course!

After the delays it was obvious that Whitestone was going to be too far for other than the very fittest, and we contented ourselves with a run along the top of Haldon to Windy Cross before dropping into the Teign Valley and heading for home.

(Colin Brierly)

[1 point: Don Hassall]

Sunday 21 February 1982
Day ride: Topsham BridgeCloudy start, rain later
7 present: Colin Brierly, Iris Buckler, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Kim Marshall (Junior, Totnes), Kevin Presland, Mike Ward
Mike Ward and Kevin Presland lead the way to Topsham Bridge
The "white road" from Preston Cross to Topsham Bridge
Topsham Bridge
Mike Ward, Frances and Colin on Topsham Bridge
Kevin, Frances, Mike Ward and Colin on Topsham Bridge
View down the River Avon from Topsham Bridge
Not so nice the next Sunday, when Topsham Bridge was the destination – no, not the one where the devil hangs out in Ken and Iris’s parish, but on the river Avon, downstream from Gara Bridge. It was nice to have an addition to the female strength, with a friend of Frances’ – Kim Marshall – out for the first and, we hope, not the last time.

We took the lanes to Harbertonford and Moreleigh before dropping to our destination down the “white road”, which inevitably had a hundred yard section where white was a very inaccurate term! There was, however, a grassy bank where the bikes could be carried and feet kept clean, so no harm was done, although Michael Ward did find a different route that wasn’t quite as clean!

Fairly cool but not too wet for our picnic, with the bridge giving a bit of shelter from the wind. We were pleased that Iris Buckler could join us, even if only for a few miles from the lunch spot to where we turned off to Gara Bridge. We headed home past Curtisknowle and Crabadon in an attempt to beat the impeding rain.

(Colin Brierly)

[2 points: Iris Buckler]

Sunday 28 February 1982
Day ride: Scoriton DownRain
15 present: Colin Brierly, Colin Downer, Stephen Downer (15, Totnes), Paul Harman, Michael Jones, Justin Landen, Robert Leeke, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, John Pope, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Andrew Winstanley
Rain again the next week – that sort of heavy drizzle combined with a strong wind that soaks you before you decide it’s not worth caping up for. An unexpectedly large turnout (15) on such a day, including Colin Downer’s older brother Stephen, making his inaugural ride. A suggestion from Michael of a cup of coffee at his home took all thoughts of Scoriton Down as a lunch spot out of our calculations, but we did climb to Gidley Bridge and past Skerraton as a sop to our consciences for not reaching the published destination.

A nice comfortable dry-out and lunch followed by a show of Michael’s slides and his new frame and equipment before “once more into the capes dear friends” and heading for home.

(Colin Brierly)

Justin went into the hedge and Matt went into the back of Andrew!

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

Sunday 7 March 1982
Afternoon ride: Dawlish
21 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Colin Downer, Stephen Downer, Dave Eyre, Simon Haly, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Paul Kerr, Frances Lofty, Kim Marshall, Margaret Maxtead, Mark Morton, Kevin Philips, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, Unknown Rider 1, Unknown Rider 2, Sue Shepley, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward
There were about twenty out on the March Afternoon Run, and with Don and Grace’s at Dawlish for tea, the general direction was fixed. There was more traffic than expected on the Humber Lane from Kingsteignton – ah yes, a scramble over near Ideford, but at least we shouldn’t encounter the muddy after-effects near Stoke-in-Teignhead on our way home like we did last year!

It was rather misty so the view from the golf course was spoilt, but not the drop into the back of Dawlish from Holcombe Down. Full justice was done to hot dogs and “Jelly babies and custard”, but when we discovered that two riders from Totnes were without lights there was a certain urgency to get folk moving again. But of course time went on, and before long we were wondering how to get them home. Mark solved the problem quite spectacularly by jumping his chain and locking the back wheel on the drop past Smugglers, wearing a large hole in the tyre besides damaging the hub flange. “Dad” was called, and Totnes isn’t too far off the route to Stoke Gabriel!

(Colin Brierly)

[1 point: Don Hassall]
[Unknown riders were Jean Brierly's relatives]

Saturday 13 March 1982Weekend ride: Inter-DA Photographic Competition Day 1
8 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, Matthew Tewson
Arriving at Crowcombe Heathfield youth hostel (18:00)
We had a good though rather hard trip to Crowcombe, with a gentle but unfriendly breeze on the way up and a downright antagonistic wind on the way back!

This year the competition was extended to include Southampton DA as an addition to the existing Bristol, Wessex and Devon Das. Rules were also amended to allow up to four slides from one photographer instead of the previous two, and as we were struggling for entries the change was quite helpful.

The independent judge had, as usual, a major task in making a selection of “Pictorial” slides from a superb dew-laden spider’s web to a murky industrial town – also a first class slide.

A lot of our better entries were not to the judge’s taste unfortunately, and while we had an excellent set of twenty four slides we were relegated to third place, the scoring being Bristol 1225, Wessex 1220, Devon 1210 and Southampton 1110.

Michael Jones tied for second place in the Cycling class. Whilst I would like to see Devon do better, the competition is a very friendly affair and results good or bad do not detract from one of the best weekends of the year.

(Colin Brierly)

The following weekend we were off to Crowcombe YH for the Inter-DA Photographic Competition: by "we" I mean Pete, Wendy, Laurence and myself. We had the company of Torbay (who had ridden up in the morning) for our ride to Crowcombe YH. We took our usual route through Bampton, Wiveliscombe and Pitsford Hill, stopping near Wivy for afternoon tea. We arrived at the hostel at about six-o'clock, which gave plenty of time to wash and change before supper. We did not do too well in the competition even though we had some very good slides entered.

(Jean Luxton)

Lunch at the Luxton household at Stoke Canon. Mark Morton was on his Dad's bike. Don and Matt Tewson were on the Vespa today.

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

[3 points: Don Hassall]
[4 points: everyone else]

Sunday 14 March 1982Weekend ride: Inter-DA Photographic Competition Day 2
8 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, Matthew Tewson
View into the grounds from our dorm window at Crowcombe Heathfield youth hostel
Matthew Tewson in our dorm at Crowcombe Heathfield youth hostel
Preparing to leave Crowcombe hostel
Preparing to leave Crowcombe hostel
The extensive grounds of Crowcombe hostel
Crowcombe Heathfield youth hostel
Kevin, Jean and Colin climbing the hill out of Wiveliscombe
Matthew Tewson on Michael's bike at Crowcombe hostel, showing off his safety clothing
On Sunday, Ralph rode over from his home in Taunton to join us, and then led the Exeter B-section back to his home for our morning coffee break – thanks Sheila for the super cakes! This was to be Ralph’s last ride for a while, as the next Sunday he was going into hospital to have an operation on his eyes for cataracts. I am glad to report that he has been able to have both eyes done and that he is getting on very well. We all hope it won’t be too long before he is back on his bike and riding with us again – we miss his smiling face!

From Taunton we took the lane route through Langford Budville and Bathealton, finding a sheltered spot for lunch. Then it was on to Rockwell Green, along some more lanes, up and down a few hills, across the railway line and over the M5 to ride down to Willand for tea, which ended a good weekend awheel.

(Jean Luxton)

Hard headwind and showers Lunch in a bus shelter. Colin and Jean took tandem to top of Longdown on roof of car.

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

I believe Torbay Section rode home on a more direct route, through Wiveliscombe.

(Michael Jones, 2018)

Sunday 14 March 1982
Day ride: Dittisham
8 present: Paul Kerr, Frances Lofty, Jason Parnell, Glenn Powling, Robert Spence, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson
Eight of us met in Totnes for the Great Alternative Bike Ride on a dry but windy morning, and promptly set off up the Mount. We dropped down to Bow Bridge and rode along the lovely Bow Creek to Tuckenhay and the (gasp) ascent of Corkscrew Hill. After stocking up with “chocky bars” in Cornworthy we had a leisurely lunch in Dittisham.

From there it was “headwind battling” until taking to the deep, steep lane to Washbourne, whereupon John and I decided to re-route along this inviting track – which deteriorated, as they always do. Three falls, eight filthy bikes and no punctures later we reached tarmac at Beenleigh for the stroll up to Luscombe Cross. We said our farewells in Totnes after a very pleasant day.

(Rob Spence)

Sunday 21 March 1982
Day ride: Lustleigh Cleave
10 present: Colin Brierly, Colin Downer, Stephen Downer, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, John Stuart, Mike Ward
Decidedly damp again the next week, and in such conditions Drum Bridges is not the best of meeting points. Marldon folk were there first, and when the Totnes/Buckfast group turned up, Colin Downer had just lost a battle with a stone on the wet road and ended up with a rather gory face due to a cut on his forehead. A bit of patching up from Michael’s first aid kit and mopping with a clean handkerchief improved things before we headed through Liverton to Reddaford Water and our destination at Lustleigh Cleave.

I had memories of a sort of cave up near Nutracker that Graham and I had sheltered in some years ago, and when we found it, it proved big enough to give cover to the ten of us, although the temperature could have been a bit higher for true comfort. There wasn’t much to do after lunch but head for home and hot baths!

(Colin Brierly)

Colin Downer's amazing fall on the A38 right in fromt of Frances and I - I'll never forget that one. How we all avoided him is a miracle. Lunch in a cave.

(Kevin Presaland, diary extract)

Sunday 28 March 1982
Day ride: Teign-e-ver (SX653868)
19 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Colin Downer, Stephen Downer, Valerie Farrell, Simon Haly, Paul Harman, Michael Jones, Paul Kerr, Robert Leeke, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, John Pope, Kevin Presland, Tim Reep, Mark Sheppard (15, Totnes), Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Andrew Winstanley
The main group waiting near Hound Tor in the afternoon sunshine
Things were very different for our Teign-e-ver run at the end of the month, with warm sunshine and a large turnout for a fairly energetic run. We were pleased to see another new rider, 15-year-old Mark Sheppard from Totnes who was a friend of Stephen Downer. Mileage is not great, but by the time you’ve dragged up towards Moretonhampstead and then found more “bumpy stuff” over Nattadon and Meldon Hill, you could have gone twice as far on easy roads.

We had lunch at Middlecott after picking masses of thorns out of the inviting-looking grassy bank, and by the time we approached the climb to Teigncombe I decided that only the fitter folk were going to get to the desintation. Half a dozen continued whilst the rest headed back towards Hound Tor, meeting Tim Reep on the way. We waited there for three quarters of an hour to see if the others would catch up, but there being no sign of them we headed for home, having had it strongly stressed that we had to be back in plenty of time for James Bond!

(Colin Brierly)

When I got home I found I had been locked out by my brother! Took 75 minutes to find a way to break in to my own house!

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

Sunday 4 April 1982
Day ride: Rough Stuff Event
16 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Colin Downer, Stephen Downer, Colin Downie, Mark Filham, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Justin Landen, Frances Lofty, Mark Morton, Jason Parnell, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson
A failed attempt from one of the Exeter members on the first observed section, with Colin Downie and Nigel Wilson observing
Torbay and Exeter A-Section teams discuss tactics before the start of the event. Nigel Wilson, Mark Morton, Colin Downie, Don Hassall, Stephen Downer, Colin Downer and I believe Mark Greatorex from Exeter.
Kevin Presland is the first to tackle our primary photographed section - and he does so with unassuming confidence
Michael encourages Ken Strong from the Exeter A-Section
Jason Parnell, one of the youngest entrants
Mark Morton - cool and confident
Justin Landen, another of our young riders
Glenn Powling, from Marldon
Colin Downer finds a hole in the mud
Justin loses momentum
I believe this is Mark Fillan
Stephen Downer tackles the section with confidence
One of the Exeter A-Section youngsters
One of the Exeter A-Section youngsters
Martin Dalley, from Exeter A-Section
One of the Exeter A-Section youngsters - Andrew Rowcliffe?
Another member from Exeter
One of the Exeter A-Section youngsters
Another member from Exeter - Andrew Bethke?
Another member from Exeter
Colin Brierly, a competitor with years of experience
Nigel Wilson tries not to come unstuck
Don Hassall
The Rough Stuff was well-supported by Torbay, with sixteen members riding out to Haldon in the morning. When lunch had been eaten in the glade, ten of our number decided to brave the competition, including Jason, Justin and Glenn, and Colin and Stephen Downer. As official photographer I was excused this year! A full report by the organiser appears below, but I think it may be said that everyone enjoyed themselves. It was, as always, a pleasure to spend the afternoon with the A Section.

(Michael Jones)

This year the event was based on a small triangle of woodland near Thorns Cross on Haldon, and several observed sections were marked on a decreasing scale of severity according to the riders’ performance. The premium was on good control, especially in turning, and generally the whole entry coped well with the obstacles.

There was a preponderance of juniors among the entry as many of the Bs were away on an Audax ride. Consequently juniors figured high in the results. Overall winner and best junior was Colin Rowe who beat almost the whole course, following closely by Mark Morton and Andrew Rowcliffe. Amongst the ladies, Julie Strong pipped her mother by virtue of the tie-break.

May I say many thanks to the entrants for making the event successful and worthwhile, and further thanks to the marshals who delighted in deducting marks from the said entrants. Our thanks are also due to the Brierlys for refreshments afterwards: “trade” was excellent.

A full list of positions follows.

1 Colin Rowe
2 M Morton
3 A Rowcliffe
4 A Bethke
5 C Brierly
6 K Presland
7 M Fillan
8 M Greatorex
9 S Wellaway
10 M Fowler
11 S Downer
12 D Webber
13 P Fildew
14 M Dalley
15 C Downer
16 D Hassall
17 J Landen
18 K Strong
19 G Powling
20 J Parnell
21 Julie Strong
22 Iris Strong

(Arthur Browne)

[2 points: Colin Downie, Nigel Wilson]
[4 points: everyone else]

Sunday 4 April 1982
Afternoon ride: Ipplepen
6 present: Dave Eyre, Miles Powell (Junior, Torquay), Richard Read, Michael Roberts (Junior, Brixham), Sue Shepley, Neil Taylor (Junior, Torquay)
The Rough Stuff competition was held this year on the first Sunday in April, which unfortunately clashed with our widely-publicised Afternoon Ride. Dave Eyre solved the problem, however, by kindly agreeing to lead the latter. There were three new cyclists on the ride – Michael Roberts from Brixham School, and Miles Powell and Neil Taylor of Torquay, who are both sixth-formers.

Together with Sue, David and Richard Read (who would have gone on the Rough Stuff if he’d read the Highwayman) they explored some of the lanes around Ipplepen, and just about managed to find their way back to civilisation – I’m not sure who was map-reading!

(Michael Jones)

Friday 9 April 1982Tour: Cornwall Day 1: Home to Golant YH
12 present: Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Michael Jones, Frances Lofty, Jackie Lofty, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, Robert Spence, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson
Mark, Kevin, Nigel and Val climbing the hill from Seaton towards the Monkey Sanctuary
The Torbay group on the Torpoint Ferry, with HMS Dido moored at Devonport Dockyards
View across the river to East Looe, from Quay Road, West Looe
Val, Jean and Colin at West Looe after a visit to the Tasty Corner café
Mark, Kevin and Nigel with the view up the East Looe River to the bridge, from West Looe
Colin checks the route while John, Rob and Nigel enjoy the views across the river to West Looe and Looe Bay
Colin, Rob and Nigel climbing West Looe Hill
Jackie, Val and Nigel on the very steep climb of West Looe Hill
Rob Spence on the ferry from Bodinnick to Fowey
Jackie on the final descent to the Bodinnick Ferry, Fowey
The amazing Golant youth hostel
Golant youth hostel
The impressive driveway to Golant youth hostel
View to the River Fowey from the grounds of Golant youth hostel
View from our dormitory at Golant youth hostel, showing St Winnow and the River Fowey, with Lostwithiel in the distance
The Easter Tour was a great success this year, with twelve of the fitter Torbay riders taking part.

As Torbay’s new Section Delegate, Michael Ward has written the account of this year’s tour. Unfortunately he didn’t ride down with us on the first day, but since the B-Section also made their own way to Golant there is little point in making a meal of it. The ride to Plymouth was fast and furious in glorious weather, and the scenery along the South Cornwall coast was very attractive. We rode through Downderry and Looe and crossed to Fowey on the Bodinnick ferry.

We were all very impressed with the hostel that evening, partly because of the beautiful views across the river, but also, I think, because the warden served up some delicious vegetarian meals!

(Michael Jones)

We rode down the A38 to Plymouth. Mike Ward and Frances had made their own way to the hostel. Our Hostel Chore was to do the washing up.

(Kevin Presland, diary extract)

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