Friday 17 April 1981
Tour: North Devon Day 1: Home to Elmscott YH (65 mi)
11 present: Colin Brierly, Colin Downie, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Antony House, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Sue Webber, Nigel Wilson
It was a bright, sunny morning when four of us set off from Marldon on Good Friday. We rode through Moles Lane and Kingskerswell to Newton Abbot, and from there took the Teigngrace road towards Drum Bridges roundabout. Unfortunately Sue Webber, who had been hibernating for the winter, was already finding it hard going, and so she decided to turn back. Colin, Val and myself continued through Heathfield to meet the Buckfastleigh contingent at Bovey Tracey, where our numbers were boosted to seven.

We moved off up the drag to Moretonhampstead at a fairly brisk pace, and then on and still up to Whiddon Down. Antony left us here as he was only out for the day, and the rest of us continued along the reasonably flat road to Okehampton via the village of Sticklepath, situated on the huge fault splitting Devon in two. On the hill dropping down to Okehampton there was a long and very slow-moving traffic queue, and so0 most of us whipped past on the outside. Unfortunately for Michael, Val would not overtake, and as he was following her he got rather annoyed. At first he thought that perhaps he should stay behind, but after a while he could bear it no longer and managed to overtake her.

On again out of Okehampton for about two miles, and dropping down a long hill we discovered the Exeter bunch eating lunch by a bridge at the bottom. The Torbay lot parked their steeds and sat down in the warm sun to feed. Unfortunately, just at that moment, a big black cloud appeared. Luckily this was not in the sky, but was Michael who, in an effort to save postage and to get them to people on time, had brought the B-Section Highwayman magazines with him, which he presented to Jean. This gesture on Michael’s part was not very well received by Jean who then swore at him! Michael was not pleased.

Apart from the normal (?) B-Section bunch, Bernard from the A-Section and a new B-Section member, Martin, had joined us. Now sixteen in number we walked and rode up the hill on the other side of the bridge and followed the B3218 to Dunslans Cross. From Anvil Corner Colin took us by a devious route through the lanes to avoid the many hills, and we arrived at Elmscott hostel just before five. Sitting in the sun in a neighbouring field were Michael Ward and Don Hassall, who had left Dawlish on Thursday and taken two days over the journey. You couldn’t miss Michael with his bright red legs!

The hostel was small and isolated and the food was not worth mentioning, but we had a good night’s sleep.

(Mark Morton)

Today's ride included a total climb of 1010m.

[1 point: Sue Webber]
[2 points: Antony House]
[4 points: everyone else]

Saturday 18 April 1981
Tour: North Devon Day 2: Elmscott to Instow YH (23 mi)Sunny but cold
11 present: Colin Brierly, Colin Downie, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Antony House, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Sue Webber, Nigel Wilson
Elmscott youth hostel
Preparing to leave Elmscott youth hostel on a cold, sunny morning. Val, Mark and Nigel
The first part of Colin's track route between Elmscott and Clovelly. Do you know where this is exactly? Possibly the track from Stoke to Hartland Abbey?
The first part of Colin's track route between Elmscott and Clovelly. Do you know where this is exactly? Possibly the track from Stoke to Hartland Abbey?
The third part of Colin's track route between Elmscott and Clovelly. Do you know where this is exactly?
The second part of Colin's track route between Elmscott and Clovelly. Do you know where this is exactly? Possibly near Hartland Abbey?
Clovelly Bay, from near the harbour
Nigel, John and Mark ready to walk down Clovelly's cobbled street
Clovelly's main street
Mark and John at the harbour, looking back up to the village of Clovelly
View back to Clovelly from the Hobby Drive
Starting out along the Hobby Drive
Mark Morton living dangerously to get a better view on the Hobby Drive
Pete Luxton and friend admiring the fabulous views towards Croyde from the Hobby Drive
Riding past Weare Giffard village hall on a detour to Instow
Colin, Nigel, Don, Mark and Mike Ward after lunch on a grassy bank near the Hobby Drive
Cranberry Cupboard Cottage, Weare Giffard
Weare Giffard
View of the Torridge Estuary and Bideford, from Instow youth hostel
Do you know where this is? It is somewhere between Weare Giffard and Instow
Sunset over the Torridge Estuary and Appledore, taken from Instow Sands during our evening walk
Worlington House, otherwise known as Instow youth hostel
We left at about 9.30 next morning. There was a biting cold wind despite the sunshine, and we had to pedal hard to keep warm. Colin included a track en route to our coffee stop at Clovelly, which pleased everyone! After some refreshment we descended the steep, cobbled street to the harbour on foot for a few pictures.

When all were reassembled we followed the Hobby Drive around the coast. The superb views and the dappled sunlight coming through the trees made us all feel good. A sheltered grassy bank was found for lunch, and it was here that we were privileged with the presence of “Superman”, alias Pete Luxton, who was caught changing into his shorts by Gordon’s camera. There then followed a pleasant ride to Instow hostel – apart from Don moaning about having no cream tea.

The hostel was a nice one, above the town and overlooking the coast. After dinner some of us walked down to the beach, and when we returned Jean and Ivy very kindly made us all some hot drinks (as they did every night). Many thanks from us all. By this time the Exeter-Torbay relations had greatly improved, and everyone was getting on very well.

(Mark Morton)

Sunday 19 April 1981
Tour: North Devon Day 3: Instow to Lynton YH (29 mi)
11 present: Colin Brierly, Colin Downie, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Antony House, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Sue Webber, Nigel Wilson
Approaching Goodleigh Cross
Finally leaving Barnstaple via Goodleigh Road after finding our way through the one-way system
An impressive entrance to a house at Loxhore Cott
Continuing up the Yeo valley towards Loxhore, at Loxhore Cross
Mark Moreton playing with some expensive equipment over lunch
Lunch in a field overlooking Wistlandpound reservoir, near Blackmoor Gate
Colin leads us off-road from Heale towards Hunter's Inn
Mike Ward repairs a puncture over lunch
The track becomes more testing as it heads downhill through the woods
Continuing on the track from Heale towards the Heddon Valley
Heddon's Mouth Cleave. Starting out on the coast path from Hunter's Inn to Woody Bay
The final track descent to Hunter's Inn
Fabulous coastal views towards Woody Bay, from the coast path - just a small glimpse of what the road brigade missed out on
Colin Brierly, our adventurous tour leader, on the coast path to Woody Bay
Sunday morning and what was this? The sun was still shining as we set off for Lynton. Under persuasion from Don we entered Barnstaple for coffee, but we soon realised that this had not been such a good idea after all: when we had finished, the one-way system caught us and we only managed to escape with the help of a local cyclist!

Out of Barnstaple and part way along a beautiful river valley we turned off and climbed up to the top of Exmoor for lunch overlooking Wistlandpound reservoir. Colin faced a bit of mutiny after lunch when he found another track, as the Exeter bunch and a few Torbay members took the road route. The track turned out to be a fairly good one at first, but then it deteriorated to a steep hill covered by large rocks and loose dirt – riding down it was very eventful!

And so on to Hunter’s Inn, arriving half an hour later than the others, and again there was a choice of route – a long 1 in 4 hill upwards or Colin’s coastal footpath. Again just a few Torbay members and Adrian took the track, and the road people missed some fabulous views, including a gorse-covered valley and some dramatic scenes of the river at the bottom, dropping into the sea. After the coast path there was a long drop and then a climb past Lee Abbey and the White Lady Rocks.

Lynton youth hostel was, of course, on top of the longest, steepest hill in the town, and when we arrived we were surprised to see the road brigade had not yet turned up. Later we found they had stopped for cream teas!

That evening we were warned by one of the hostellers that there was a phantom snorer in our dormitory. During the night, at about two o’clock, this hosteller got out of bed, turned on the lights and threw the supposed snorer out, mattress and all! I personally never heard any snoring, and the overall effect seemed to be to wake everyone else up!

(Mark Morton)

Monday 20 April 1981
Tour: North Devon Day 4: Lynton to home (74 mi)
11 present: Colin Brierly, Colin Downie, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Antony House, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, John Stuart, Mike Ward, Sue Webber, Nigel Wilson
The group at Lynton youth hostel with two new friends from our dorm
Preparing to leave Lynton youth hostel
Mark successfully negotiates Challacombe Ford
Colin's "short-cut" track across Exmoor, probably the track from Cherrybridge Cross through Shallowford and Saddle Gate to Breakneck Hole on the B3358. This picture probably taken on the climb from Saddle Gate, but can you confirm that for us?
Returning home. Do you know where this is?
Next morning we said goodbye to the Exeter Section and set off towards Torbay. Taking a gamble, Colin led us on a track over Exmoor which would either save a lot of time or waste it. As it turned out we were an hour late at South Molton, so we bought some provisions for tea. From there it was down the Mole and Taw valley, with lunch about fifteen miles from South Molton. Continuing on the main roads until Crediton we took the lanes to the top of the Teign Valley for tea. Val decided to leave us there, and at Chudleigh the Buckfastleigh contingent left Colin and myself to pedal back to Paignton and Stoke Gabriel.

All in all it was a very pleasant tour, and the weather gods, for once, smiled on us, so adding to the enjoyment. It was good to see such an improvement in the relations between Exeter and Torbay.

(Mark Morton)

Saturday 25 April 1981Weekend ride: CTC National AGM Day 1
5 present: Colin Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Matthew Tewson
Easter had been a superb weekend, although we did have sunburn trouble, making the contrast of the AGM weekend more dramatic. The ride up to Exeter on Saturday was rather uncomfortable with rain, sleet and then snow combining with a strong wind, and I think it hadn't improved at all when Michael, Mark and Matthew rode back to Don and Grace's at Dawlish after the slide show. Val decided to give the weather best, but had, I suspect, a rather cold wait for a train back to Torquay.

(Colin Brierly)

Sunday 26 April 1981Weekend ride: CTC National AGM Day 2
5 present: Colin Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Matthew Tewson
Two inches of snow already on the ground and still steadily falling as I rode into The Close on the Sunday morning to join Gordon, Ken and Iris, June, Kirsten and Eric and three of the AGM visitors who had elected to go out on Gordon’s run. I headed back to Jean’s Dad’s with a clear conscience and, after lunch, with the bikes on the roof rack, Jean and I had a look at the winter scene on top of Haldon.

(Colin Brierly)

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

Sunday 3 May 1981
Afternoon ride: IpplepenTorrential rain
3 present: Colin Brierly, Michael Jones, Mark Morton
What a miserable month May turned out to be this year. The afternoon ride of May 3rd produced torrential rain from the start of our ride to the finish, at which point the sun came out to laugh at us. Still, we “enjoyed” a short ride to Staverton via Compton.

(Michael Jones)

The weather still unkind for the May afternoon run, with heavy rain and strong winds. Michael was already rather wet from his trip in from Buckfastleigh so Mark and I rode with him to Ipplepen and then towards Staverton before we separated and dripped our way home.

(Colin Brierly)

Saturday 9 May 1981
Social: Club Evening at Paignton
5 present: Colin Brierly, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, John Stuart
John, Kevin, Mark and one other on Colin's full-size table at 24 Great Headland Crescent, Paignton
No report available.

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

Sunday 10 May 1981
Day ride: Burrator Reservoir
2 present: Colin Brierly, Mark Morton
The Burrator Reservoir ride the following week was equally disastrous. It pelted down all morning while Colin and Mark made their separate ways to the Buckfastleigh pickup. What it would have been like on the moor we shuddered to think, so we all went back to Redmount for an extended coffee break and drying session before the Torbay lads set off for home via Totnes. At least Colin was able to return a Dartington nurse’s wallet which he had found in the road.

(Michael Jones)

Sunday 17 May 1981
Day ride: BCTC Heat, Kenton
12 present: Colin Downie, Noel Downie, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Antony House, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Sue Shepley, Robert Spence, Matthew Tewson, Mike Ward, Philip Wrigley
On May 17th was the BCTC heat. Not surprisingly, it rained during the first part of the morning whilst Mark, Matthew and myself made our respective paths to Kenton. To make matters worse, Mark had a puncture, and he and Matthew finally arrived about an hour and a half late.

Antony, Colin and Noel had gone up by car (!) which meant they were ready for a fresh start, but despite their tiredness, Mark and Matthew set off bravely into the mist. They were both pretty exhausted by the end of the day, and on the way back to Torbay there was a distinct lack of conversation. We didn’t get home until well after 10.30 that night, and bed was most welcome.

(Michael Jones)

This year’s BCTC heat, organised by myself, was held in the area around Kenton. As competitors began to arrive for the start at Kenton village hall, so the rain began to fall. It was looking as though capes would be the order of the day.

After riders had received their numbers and finished the usual machine checks their route was to take them out to Black Forest Lodge and along to Dawlish Water. The long climb up towards Teignmouth golf course was being used for the hill climb, with the Rushbys providing tea and coffee at the top. After answering the questions on the first quiz the riders proceeded towards the golf course and, using a white road, dropped down off the top towards Ideford.

Before riders reached Ideford they had to negotiate the track down to Well Court. Following the previous day’s rain, the stream at the bottom had risen slightly and, according to reports, several riders took the deep way through and found the water lapping around their hubs!

From here, competitors made their way through Ideford and Luton and on towards Zig-Zag hill, where marshals were hidden for the braking test. The last section of the morning was to be the pace judging, and this took riders up around Mamhead, back past Black Forest Lodge and so to Kenton. Then it was just a short ride to the village hall and lunch spot.

The second quiz was held over lunch, followed by the map-reading section. Results before the quiz showed that Ken Strong had a lead of just three points over Pete Luxton, with Peter Fildew and Don Hassall only one point behind him.

The map reading was to take competitors through the grounds of Powderham Castle and up the canal bank as far as Exminster. The route then swung inland to follow the river Kenn through Kennford, across the A38 to pass Clapham and up to Shillingford St George. It then turned west, passing Dunchideock House and climbing up past Belvedere tower to the top of Haldon. Crossing the A38 and A380, riders descended off the top to Colleywell Bottom and back into Kenton.

When all the results had come in, the figures revealed a tie between Ken and Pete, with Julie Strong, the best place junior and first lady, in third place. Members can examine the results for themselves below.

AS Pete had declined to go to the final in Stirlingshire, our entrants will be Ken and Julie, and we wish them all the best. I would like to thank all the marshals who helped on the day and give a special thanks to Iris, Helen and their helpers for providing tea at the finish. I hope that all the riders enjoyed taking part.

See you again next year!

(Philip Wrigley)

01 P Luxton 13
01 K Strong 13
03 J Strong 15
03 R Spence 15
05 C Downie 17
06 A Parkyns 21
07 A House 22
07 P Fildew 22
07 A Rowcliffe 22
10 W Luxton 23
11 A Bethke 24
12 L Horne 25
13 M Moreton 27
14 M Fowler 29
15 C Lee 30
15 P Horne 30
DNF M Ward 18
DNF D Hassall 15
DNF M Tewson 5

[3 points: Val Farrell, Sue Shepley]
[4 points: everyone else]

Sunday 24 May 1981
Day ride: BeesandsSunny but chilly
4 present: Valerie Farrell, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland
Our Beesands ride was, in contrast to the previous weeks, very enjoyable. The air was bright and sunny, if a little cold, and I was surprised that only Kevin, Mark and Valerie joined me at Totnes. We took our usual lane route through to Slapton, via Harbertonford and Moreleigh, pedalled hard across the Ley to Torcross and then took to the coastal footpath.

Lunchtime was very pleasant overlooking the sea, and good fun was had by all. We ambled further along the path, but it gradually deteriorated to a narrow track which promptly disappeared into the undergrowth. I think Valerie thought we were all mad when we plunged into the depths of the vegetation, but eventually we all made it to the bottom in one piece.

Mark, who had actually ridden all the way (or so he said) was duly rewarded with a puncture, and this was sufficient excuse to settle down on Beesands beach to enjoy the sun. More than an hour later we decided it was time to make tracks for home. Unfortunately, however, Mark managed to get in yet another puncture before we had got through Chillington, and it was 7.00 when we finally arrived home. Kevin, who had been suffering from a cold (amongst other things, such as exams) couldn’t face the long climb back to Ilsington, so a kind father came to fetch him in the car.

(Michael Jones)

Sunday 31 May 1981
Day ride: Devon DA 50th Anniversary Ride
18 present: Barry Biggins (Adult, Devon), Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Iris Buckler, Maurice Croney, Colin Downie, Noel Downie, Valerie Farrell, Martin Filham, Mark Fraser, Don Hassall, Antony House, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Sue Shepley, Matthew Tewson, Nigel Wilson, Philip Wrigley
Torbay and Exeter Sections in Haldon Forest
Torbay meets Exeter at a secret location somewhere in Haldon Forest
Julie Strong and other Exeter Section members outside Kenton Village Hall
Some of the Exeter A-Section youngsters at Kenton
Some of the Exeter A-Section youngsters at Kenton
Some of the Exeter A-Section youngsters at Kenton
Colin Downie, Don Hassall, Matt Teston, Mark Moreton, Antony House and others at Kenton
The magnificent tea at Kenton Village Hall
Nigel Wilson, Gordon Thorp and others at Kenton Village Hall
High Tea at Kenton Village Hall
Les Sparkes, president of the Devon DA, cuts the anniversary cake at Kenton Village Hall
Philip Wrigley politely resists the kind offer from his friend
I believe these are the Dalley children, at Kenton
Nigel Wilson at Kenton
Matthew Tewson with Exeter A-Section members at Kenton
And so to the Anniversary Ride – the climax of the month’s events. Fourteen riders gathered at Chudleigh Bridge in beautiful weather, including the famous “Mr Biggins”, known by many of the Dartmoor contingent for his artistic leanings rather than his enthusiasm for cycling. I hate to think what it must be like trying to teach our lot at school!

Our progress during the morning was hampered somewhat by the inevitable punctures which arise when such a large group are riding together, and the equally inevitable delays caused when the more mature members are within the ranks. Eventually however we arrived at Haldon and were surprised to find that hordes of Exeter cyclists had also gathered there. I personally couldn’t see whatever it was they had all flocked there to see – perhaps they had come to investigate the influence of tourism on the wild ant population of Haldon Forest!

Words cannot express the sudden feeling of greatness which descends on one when riding with about fifty other cyclists, knowing that they are all part of the same fantastic club. Colin led us on a devious route through the lanes in the general direction of Kenton and we arrived just in time to catch the caterers unawares. There was consequently plenty of time to relax on the lawn in the sun, and numerous silly games were played both before and after the magnificent tea.

Whilst the whole day went very well I still got the impression that there was a barrier of shyness splitting the club into its respective Sections. This, I hope, will be overcome during the coming months, but it will not be done by contenting ourselves with mixing with our own members; everyone needs to make an effort to chat with the members they don’t yet know. Only then will the security of your Section be backed up by the strength of the DA.

(Michael Jones)

[1 point: Philip Wrigley I think]
[3 points: Maurice Croney]
[4 points: everyone else]

Sunday 7 June 1981
Afternoon ride: Broadhempston
11 present: Colin Brierly, Mark Edwards, Mark Fraser, Kevin Green (Junior, Devon), Samantha Green (Junior, Marldon), Michael Jones, Paul Kerr, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Sue Shepley, Matthew Tewson
A surprisingly good turnout for our June afternoon run in view of the ominous sky which, shortly after we had started, put its threat into practice, much to our discomfort. Our members included quite a few out with us for the first time and we look forward to seeing Glen Powling, Mark Edwards, Samantha Green, Mark Fraser and Paul Kerr again on our next afternoon run in better weather, when we hope to do something more ambitious that squelch out to Staverton and Broadhempston.

(Colin Brierly)

Sunday 14 June 1981
Day ride: Deckler's Cliff
8 present: Colin Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Michael Jones, Paul Kerr, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Robert Spence, Matthew Tewson
Matthew Tewson looks over Seacombe Sands to Deckler's Cliff
Much more like summer on the next Sunday for our run to Deckler’s Cliff, although the fierce sunshine was, at times, hidden by a sea mist which reduced the amount of scorching some folk suffered. We decided to go through Tuckenhay and encountered less traffic than normal thanks to a road subsidence problem by Tuckenhay Mill.

After a ride along a rather breezy Slapton we took the steep hill out of Torcross and found a sheltered track for our picnic stop. We probably didn’t quite reach Deckler’s Cliff, but we did walk in that direction after leaving our bikes by Gara Rock Hotel and investigated a pleasant little beach with natural alcoves in the rock cliff.

Distinctly up and down stuff through South Pool and Sherford to a magnificent tea on the lawn of Michael’s cousins’ farm (John Mingo, Higher Pooler Farm) near East Allington, and then a guided tour of the farm before heading for home through the lanes to Totnes.

(Colin Brierly)

Sunday 21 June 1981
Day ride: Blackingstone Rock
16 present: Frank Boyes, Colin Brierly, Jean Brierly, Colin Downie, Mark Edwards, Valerie Farrell, Mark Fraser, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, John Stuart, Chris Thomas (Junior, Devon), Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson
A very large group of cyclists from Exeter and Torbay meet at Blackingstone Rock
Mark Morton attempts to climb Blackingstone Rock - do you recognise the other youngster?
The group at Blackingstone Rock
The group at Blackingstone Rock
The complete group at Blackingstone Rock
Is this Peter Fildew from Exeter A-Section?
Torbay and the Exeter A-Section on the return trip via Hennock Reservoirs. Can you identify the location?
Iris Strong with one of the A-Section members
Torbay and the Exeter A-Section on the return trip via Hennock Reservoirs. Can you identify the location?
Nice to get all Sections together for a picnic in the sun at Blackingstone Rock on the next Sunday. I’m not too sure how many there were – we’ll have to try and count them on the photographs that were taken. We took an easy route – no, I’ll rephrase that because there is no easy route – we took one of the less hard routes to the lunch spot, climbing up to the reservoirs from Slade Cross after meeting the Bs at Bovey.

A return trip past the reservoirs on a different route after a lengthy picnic, this time in the company of the As, to drop down from Hennock to Chudleigh Knighton and then invade the Bowdens’ house at Kingsteignton for a “cuppa”, or to be more precise, forty-odd cuppas! Thanks a lot Liz and Mike, I hope the garden didn’t suffer too much from tramping feet.

(Colin Brierly)

[2 points: Colin Downie]
[4 points: everyone else]

Wednesday 24 June 1981
Evening ride: Denbury
9 present: Colin Brierly, Dave Eyre, Mark Filham, Michael Jones, Andrew Kitchen, Justin Landen, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Sue Shepley
Inquisitve cows approached us at their gate. Do you know where this is?
Glenn Powling, Mark Moreton, Dave Eyres, Sue Shepley, Colin Brierly and others at Bramble Oak Cross, Denbury
No report available, but this is the complete attendance list.

Sunday 28 June 1981
Day ride: Childe's Tomb Letterbox
8 present: Colin Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Don Hassall, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Kevin Presland, Mike Ward, Nigel Wilson
A more energetic run to Childes Tomb which is near, and the way we approached it, the other side of Fox Tor Mine. Not as many out on the run as we had expected now that the dreaded O-Levels have finished. I wonder if some sixth sense had warned the others that we would be attacked by midges almost as soon as we settled down for our picnic near Tor Royal?

A fairly short lunch stop (!) and then on to Whiteworks and a try to follow the bridle path across the mine, only to find that the line on the map wasn’t very much in evidence on the ground. We did however get across by devious means and, after passing Childes Tomb, hunted for the letterbox on Fox Tor. The grid reference we had gave it midway between the two rocky outcrops, but a fairly thorough search there and on the nearer peak was of no avail.

Advice from Claude Warren since tells us that we should have followed the Devonport Leat past the end of the mine and could have found the box on the farther of the two peaks – we’ll know next time, and keep dry feet!

Back on the bikes and back to Buckfastleigh the shortest way, even if it did mean out and back on the same road, there to find the table loaded with Mrs Wilson’s goodies and Don and Michael Ward being kept at bay by the dogs. Well, maybe they were playing with the two King Charles spaniels, but surely it wasn’t just willpower that stopped them wading into all that lovely food!

(Colin Brierly)

[2 points: Don Hassall, Michael Ward]
[3 points: Val Farrell]

Sunday 5 July 1981
Afternoon ride: Broadhempston
15 present: Frank Boyes, Colin Brierly, Dave Eyre, Martin Filham, Simon Haly (11, Devon), Antony House, Michael Jones, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Jamie Spence, Robert Spence, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson, Nigel Wilson
We had a few members out on the July afternoon run that we haven’t seen for a long time, together with a new rider, Simon Haly from Kingskerswell, even though there wasn’t much hope of good weather. We took the lanes through Compton towards Staverton and then turned back through Broadhempston and Denbury.

After certain members (!) had missed a turning near Staverton, Mike turned back to look for them, hit a slippery patch and fell off, cutting his arm badly in the process. As he couldn’t ride on he contacted his parents for a lift to the hospital – John and Nigel offered to stay with him until he was picked up. I subsequently found out that he had eight stitches!

(Kevin Presland, 16)

Sunday 12 July 1981
Day ride: Westcombe Beach
9 present: Colin Brierly, Valerie Farrell, Mark Filham, Mark Morton, Glenn Powling, Kevin Presland, Richard Read, John Stuart, Matthew Tewson
The combination of carnival procession and Mike’s injury reduced numbers from the Buckfastleigh area to one for the following week’s ride – myself! John did ride to the Totnes pickup with me, however, where we met eight Torbay riders. It was good to see Richard Reade again after a long absence; his bike was stolen several months ago, but now he has a shining new Peugeot. Colin took the younger riders on a shorter route from Moreleigh, intending to meet up with us later, and this left four of us to carry out the ride to Westcombe Beach.

Val somehow disappeared on the way down a steep hill, and then there were three. We proceeded on through Woodleigh to Aveton Gifford where we took the tidal road to Kingston. Next came what Colin had described as a “more interesting path” along the riverside, which turned out to be a couple of miles of almost un-rideable track! The way ahead was obviously going to be hard going so we decided to leave the bikes in the hedge. First we fought our way through a wall of brambles and then we traversed a field. At the other end of the field we noticed a sign which said “Beware of the bulls”!

It was 2.00 when we eventually arrived at the beach. We had a brief lunch stop, returned to the bikes and discovered a somewhat easier track back to the roads. Even the most direct route home left us far too late to meet up with Colin. Now, who was it who suggested this run ..?

(Kevin Presland, 16)

[1 point: John Stuart]
[3 points: everyone else]

Saturday 18 July 1981
Social: Social Evening at Redmount, Buckfastleigh
2 present: Michael Jones, Kevin Presland
The social evening, which followed production of the Highwayman on 18th July, was well attended. More than 20 members turned up to hear Walter Pearse’s interesting talk on Dartmoor, including Liz and Mike Bowden as sole representatives of the Exeter Sections. Michael’s parents kindly provided some food, and then, after a few slides had been shown, there were games of croquet on the lawn. A big thank you to Walter, Michael and his parents for a great evening.

(Kevin Presland, 16)

[The attendance list for this event is currently incomplete]

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