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Colin Brierly106299
Michael Jones98287
Mark Morton64184
John Stuart53156
Kevin Presland49143
Don Hassall35106
Antony House3089
Colin Downie3095
Nigel Wilson2370
Matthew Tewson1963
Carl Jeffereys1754
Mike Ward1649
Frances Lofty1649
John Pope1544
Robert Spence1543
Valerie Farrell1443
Richard Read1443
Glenn Powling1339
Peter Adams1236
Philip Wrigley1137
Frank Boyes1127
Noel Downie928
Jean Brierly930
Sue Shepley819
Iris Buckler825
Andrew Winstanley825
Simon Haly617
Martin Filham513
Stephen Downer515
Colin Downer515
Dave Eyre511
Justin Landon513
Jackie Lofty413
Jamie Spence48
Mark Sheppard412
Jason Parnell411
Tim Reep39
Graham Brodie39
Matthew Burrows311
Andrew Billington28
Darren Sharp25
Robert Leeke26
Richard Eyre24
Mark Jones25
Mark Fillan25
Andrew Kitchen25
Paul Nunn26
Duncan Scott28
Russell Billings12
Tom Woodman14
Richard Wiseman14
Paul Williams14
Paul Kerr13
Phil Burrows14
Alexander Reep13
Brian Marks12
Andrew Presland13
Samantha Green13
Andrew Giles13
Simon Reep13
Julie Strong14

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